Spices are really important for Indian food because that is what characterises food as Indian food. To make the food tasty and spicy, spices are very important ingredients that can decide how the food tastes. Spices are used for two different purposes, one is for flavour and another is for aroma.

Spices are used in various forms like chopped, whole, ground, fried, roasted, etc. Spices with light flavour are added at the last and strong spices should be added first. Spices are defined as having a strong flavour. They are obtained from tropical plants and are mostly used as a condiment. India is a country that has a big part to play when it comes to spices. India is a country that is known for its exotic spices and that has been a reason that has attracted multiple countries all around the world. There is no country that can replace the position of India when it comes to spices. Even though many other countries have tried to replicate Indian spices, none have been successful as there is no substitute of Indian spices.

We, at Global Corporation , have leveraged our supplier alliances to export a wide range of ground and whole Spices. Our range includes Cumin, Fennel, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Dry Ginger, Chilli, Coriander, Bay Leaves, Psyllium Husk and powder.



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