Tea is a beverage that is most preferred in Asia and it is prepared by pouring hot water over tea leaves mixed with milk, sugar and spices. In India, tea plantations are usually found in the north-eastern and southern parts. Almost every household in India has the aroma of tea as it is the most consumed beverage. Teas come in different types such as Darjeeling tea, like Assam tea, Organic tea, Black, Green tea, to name a few.

At Global Corporation, we have curated Darjeeling tea gardens on the basis of their past performance to give you the best procurement solutions if you want to start a growing tea business.

As the most sought after Tea exporters of India, at Global Corporation, we also keep a host of different teas, other than Darjeeling tea, like Assam tea, Black tea, Green tea, Organic tea, CTC, etc. we ensure that the tea we offer matches to the level of international food safety standards.

We are one of the most reliable tea exporters because we believe in trust, commitment and credibility.

Our world-class Tea export process includes the below steps:

  • The initial step involves tea tasting. Teas are chosen on the basis of two thing- liquor and leaf. Then before being bought, they are tasted in batches.
  • As per the demands of the clients, teas are either sourced from the tea plantations directly or are bought from the online e-auction.
  • We make sure to watch the crop quality closely and keep a tab on the market trends to inform their clients accordingly.
  • The blending and packaging have been outsourced by usto a HACCP facility. All shipments and blends are certified by the third party.

We ensure that all shipments must reach their destinations according to the contract.



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