Basmati is one of the varieties of long grain rice. The meaning of Basmati is Queen of Fragrance. It is a type of rice that has a delicate flavour and aroma, which makes it one of the best quality rice. According to the reports, Basmati rice was found in India in the early days of the 19th century. Also known as Oryza Sativa, Indian Basmati rice is world famous for its fine quality and fragrance.

Basmati has been undoubtedly considered as the King of Rice in the world. Its aroma and fragrance are unprecedented and its long slender shape reminds us of the traditional cultivation way. Fine and smooth textured Basmati rice is non-glutinous. Its Pandanus Fascicular is leaf-like flavor is caused because of the aroma compound 2 acetyl-1-pyrroline. The rice has been appreciated and likes for hundreds of years by emperors and poets.

Highly aromatic Basmati rice is nature’s gift to the Indian sub-continent and it is India’s gift to the whole world. Farmers have been growing this fragranced rice for centuries in the northern part of India. Grown at the foot of the Himalayan mountain ranges, Basmati rice gets the right tropical climate and soil for the perfect rice civilization.

You can find Basmati rice in several varieties like 1121 Sells, Pusa Sella, Sugandha, White Sella, to name a few. There is no other rice like Basmati and it is different because of its post cooking aroma and elongation. This combined characteristic is rare to find in any other rice varieties. The aroma and elongation are twice post cooking and this is what makes Basmati a true delicacy.



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